Win a set of our Flavoured Oils each month!

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Win a set of our Flavoured Oils each month!

We’re delighted to introduce Filippo Berio’s new Flavoured Oil range. With these store cupboard saviours you’ll be able to transform everyday meals with an instant splash of the Mediterranean. Made with the finest quality ingredients, our delicious and versatile flavoured olive oils will be a welcome addition to any kitchen cupboard.

Save on preparation time: To quickly and simply add a delicious splash of flavour to your food without the need for endless peeling and chopping, simply substitute fresh ingredients with Filippo Berio Flavoured Oils.

Shortcuts to success: Filippo Berio Flavoured Olive Oils are indispensible when it comes to quick labour saving cheats in the kitchen. Perfect for rustling up delicious marinades, salad dressings and simple sauces, these versatile olive oils can even be used to make tasty breadcrumb toppings or to liven up ready-made mayonnaise.

Effortlessly transform your favourite food: Simply drizzle Filippo Berio Flavoured Olive Oils over finished dishes for a mouth-watering taste of the Mediterranean. Give soups and stews an added depth of flavour, or instantly enhance the taste of pasta, pizza and risotto dishes with an extra burst of flavour.

AND each month until the end of December, we will be giving away a set of our oils every month!

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