Create the perfect pasta dish, the Italian way!

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Create the perfect pasta dish, the Italian way!

What’s in a shape?

Italians are passionate about selecting the perfect pasta shape for their sauces.

The shape of the pasta, and how it takes’ the sauce, plays a crucial part in the overall flavour and experience of the dish. So, while it’s always fun to experiment with new combinations, take a look at these combination guides:

Shaped pasta, such as farfalle, fusilli or fiorelli, go well with most kinds of sauces, but are particularly delicious with sauces that have some texture, as all the nooks in the pasta are perfect for capturing any tasty morsels.

Short, tubular pastas, such as penne, maccheroni or rigatoni, go well with rustic, chunky sauces. Try to keep the size of the ingredients in mind: maccheroni won’t hold a cannellini bean, while rigatoni may feel too large for a simple tomato sauce.

Long, thin dried pasta, such as spaghetti, or linguine, complement simple olive oil or tomato based sauces best, which coat each pasta strand evenly without drowning it. Although thicker pasta strands, like pappardelle and tagliatelle can stand up to creamier, heavier sauces and ragùs.


Cook your pasta in a large pan to allow it to move around freely and stir regularly. Ensure the water has come to a rolling boil and is well salted (allow 10g salt per litre). Do not simmer or cover as this will just stew the pasta.

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