Preserve the taste of Summer with Olive Oil

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Preserve the taste of Summer with Olive Oil

Did you know that you can preserve many of your favourite foods in olive oil and enjoy the taste of summer throughout the year?

In many Mediterranean countries, one of the most natural ways to preserve vegetables, meats, fish and herbs is with olive oil. In Italy this technique is called Sott’olio’ “ under oil.

Olive oil is a natural preservative that prevents spoilage by isolating the food from air, providing a seal that can delay oxidation, deterioration and moulding.

Adding herbs to the oil in the process is a great way to add flavour to food whilst preserving, and will leave you with a delicious flavoured oil to use for dressings and dips afterwards.

Preserving in olive oil is particularly well suited to certain foods that are either eaten in small quantities or usually cooked in olive oil, such as: Sun-dried tomatoes (see recipe); Baby artichokes; Sweet peppers; Aubergine; Wild mushrooms; Goat cheese; Lemons; and oily fish such as Sardines.

Try it for yourself with our recipe for Sun Dried Tomato Antipasti.

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