Olive oil is the best kept secret to great skin!

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Olive oil is the best kept secret to great skin!

There are now two places you could think about storing your Filippo Berio Extra Virgin olive oil “ in the kitchen of course “ but writer, Ria Francisco-Prieto, now recommends keeping a bottle in your bathroom. Why? In her recent article she testifies that using olive oil on your skin after a shower will prevent wrinkles and stretch marks.

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But Ria isn’t alone in her views on olive oil! Another recent article tells the tale of 90 year old grandmother, Rita Watson. Youthful looking Rita kept olive oil under the sink, poured a little into her hands and rubbed it into her face to keep away the wrinkles. It œwas golden and had the words Filippo Berio written in black letters! says Rita. œI loved visiting new doctors so I could entertain them with stories of why I looked so young.

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Do you know any different approaches to using olive oil for beauty or anything else? Don’t hesitate to share your own particular tips and tricks in the comments below.


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