Olive Oil and the Anti Breast Cancer Diet

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Olive Oil and the Anti Breast Cancer Diet

The health benefits of Olive Oil are in the news again “ this time as a major part of what has been called, ‘The anti-breast cancer diet’.

As highlighted by the Daily Mail, this diet; “is unique in that it has been scientifically proven to combat breast cancer ” and will make you lose weight.”

Devised by U.S. dietician Dr Mary Flynn, the anti-breast cancer diet is based on years of research, and is reportedly effective for both healthy women who want to reduce their risk of developing the disease as for those who are recovering from it.

Dr Flynn explains how certain foods “ particularly healthy fats such as olive oil, deep-coloured vegetables and fruit (which are high in carotenoids), plus whole grains and some diary and cheese ” can help the body fight breast cancer.

These foods have all been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of breast ­cancer, says Dr Flynn, who is Chief Research Dietitian at the Miriam Hospital and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the prestigious Brown University in the U.S.A.

The diet recommends the following foods as part of the Anti Cancer Diet:

FAT: Four to five servings per day, at least 3 from olive oil. (A typical serving would be one tablespoon oil, two tablespoons nuts, sunflower seeds or pine nuts, one tablespoon peanut butter, ¼ avocado, 4oz (100g) stoned olives.)

VEGETABLES: Unlimited but at least four servings per day (ideally cooked in olive oil).

STARCH: Six to seven servings per day ” ideally wholegrain. (A typical serving would be one slice of bread, one pitta, half a bagel, 1oz/25g breakfast cereal, uncooked rice or pasta, 3oz/150g potatoes, ­3 cups air-popped popcorn.)

FRUIT: Three servings a day. (A typical serving is one apple, 17 grapes, four apricots, ½ banana, 13 cherries, 1½ kiwis, one nectarine, one orange, one peach, two plums, three prunes, two tablespoons raisins.)

DAIRY: Two servings per day. (A typical serving is one cup/250ml skimmed milk, one large egg, 1 oz/25g hard cheese, 4oz/100g ­cottage cheese, ½ cup/125ml yogurt.)

MEAT: Optional, but restricted to just 12 oz of poultry and seafood (roughly two chicken or fish fillets) per week, and six oz of beef, pork, and lamb per month in place of six oz of poultry or seafood.

For more information about Olive Oil and health, simply look through the Filippo Berio website and you can search more about the ‘Anti Breast Cancer Diet’ on line.

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