More Good Health News for Olive Oil

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More Good Health News for Olive Oil

The Times recently reported a study by McGill University in Quebec which found that the fatty acids in olive oil can make your body burn food faster. In fact, the beneficial effect was still working up to 6 hours after volunteers had eaten a breakfast drizzled with olive oil!

The scientists believe that the composition of long chain fatty acids in oils can influence whether the body stores fats ,or burns them. Olive oil encourages the body to raise its metabolism and expend calories, but sunflower and flaxseed oils do not.

The effect may be particularly good for cardiac health according to a study last year by the University of Sao Paulo. It found that the oil contains compounds called oleuropein and caffeic acid, which enable the heart to burn more energy more efficiently. Having olive oil as a regular part of the diet may be especially important for people at risk of heart failure, the Brazilian team found.

So, there you go. Drizzle Filippo Berio olive oil on your cornflakes everyday!

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