Fried Food is OK

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Fried Food is OK

A Spanish study, widely reported in the UK, has found that eating fried food may not be bad for your heart, as long as you use olive oil or sunflower oil to make it.

Researchers at the Autonomous University of Madrid found that there was no heightened risk of heart disease or premature death linked to food that had been cooked in this way. But the investigators stress that their findings, from studying the typical Spanish diet in which these healthy’ oils are found in abundance, do not apply to lard or other cooking oils. Or, in other words, cooking up fish and chips in Filippo Berio will, alas, not make it healthy!!

For the study, the researchers surveyed 40,757 adults about their diet. Participants were asked about what types of food they ate in a typical week and how that food was prepared and cooked.None of the adults had any sign of heart disease at the start of the 11-year study, but by the end of it 606 heart disease events and 1,134 deaths had occurred.

When the researchers looked at these heart events in detail, they could find no link with fried food in the diet. And this, they believe, is down to the type of oil the food is cooked in.

Mediterranean diets have long been hailed as healthy, being packed full of low-fat, high-fibre fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as olive oil and fresh fish.

And numerous studies have shown a balanced diet such as this can cut the risk of illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

To read the full story please visit the BBC website

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