Carmela’s Kitchen Supper Club

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Carmela’s Kitchen Supper Club

Author of ‘Southern Italian Family Cooking,’ Carmela Sereno is opening her doors for the first time to hungry diners!

A delicious Italian supper club seating and catering for 8-14 people at any one time.

This supper club is hosted from Carmela’s very own family kitchen in Northamptonshire. Seating 8 in the delicious kitchen and 6 in the reading room which is crammed with over 1000 delicious and inspiring cookery books.

Carmela will be adding an olive oil tasting to this evening. Tasting the incredibly delicious and diverse Filippo Berio Gran Cru oils.

Showcasing regional oils from Puglia, Tuscany and Sicily.

Tickets are £35 pp and includes an Italian four course meal to include coffee and a complimentary drink on arrival.

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