‘A night in Tuscany’ with The Alberti Twins- April 2017

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‘A night in Tuscany’ with The Alberti Twins- April 2017

Filippo Berio is delighted to bring you ‘A night in Tuscany’ with the Alberti Twins!

John and Tony Alberti or as they like to call themselves.. The Italian Stallions, aka Double Trouble!

While they now reside in Manchester, Coming from an Italian family based in Lucca, they have grown up around food and learnt to cook watching their parents and Nonna from an early age. Learning traditional Italian family recipes passed down through generations is where their passion for food was born. Showing them how to prepare and cook some of the homemade recipes they share on their blog, and also currently as guest chefs on ‘The Today show’ in America.

They believe the key to Italian food is simplicity. Food is in their blood and being Italian, it is all about family and food, and the kitchen and dining table are the heart of the family home.

They will be hosting their Tuscan evening alongside chef Stefano Borella, head chef at La Cucina Caldesi. Where you will experience preparing and enjoying a traditional 3 course Tuscan meal, accompanied by wine pairings from our 150th anniversary event sponsor, Zonin.

There are only 22 places, so make sure you put it in your diary and book early to avoid disappointment! You’ll be guaranteed a fun, delicious evening with lots of laughs.

Of course with all our events, this will include a Filippo Berio goodie bag worth £30.

To find out some more about them..

Twitter – @tony_alberti @john_alberti
Instagram – the_alberti_twins
Blog – www.TheAlbertiTwins.com
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_EJpe2hQ1dld_T26TvwLRQ

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