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Every Filippo Berio product label helps consumers make well informed choices about purchasing our products.

1 NAME OF PRODUCT BY LAW Extra virgin olive oils must undergo strict tests to be classified as such
2 PRODUCT ORIGIN The origin of the olives used to make the oil, this information is required by European regulation and law
3 STORAGE INFORMATION The best way to store the product in order to maintain unaltered its unique quality and flavour
4 BEST BEFORE The period of time in which the product is guaranteed to maintain original flavour and properties, the date is usually indicated as month/year or day/month/year
5 EAN-13 Short for European Article Number, this 13 digit product identification code is used on all globally traded goods: the first 9 digits refer to the product manufacturer, the following 3 digits refer to the specific item or product code – and the last digit is a checksum number used to confirm that the code has been generated properly
6 INDICATIONS FOR USE Suggestions on how to best use the olive oil, indications may vary depending on the flavour and type of oil)
7 NUTRITIONAL VALUES A breakdown of the dietary contents and properties of the oil, per 100ml
8 NET QUANTITY The net amount of olive oil in the bottle (liters or milliliters)
9 PRODUCTION CODE A special number that links the product to its originating production batch
10 PACKING INFORMATION The address of the company responsible for packing and bottling the product