As soon as Olive Oil is produced it is graded for quality

If you look carefully at the array of Olive Oils in the supermarkets you will see that there are a number of different types and grades on sale. As soon as Olive Oil is produced it is graded for quality. The very best Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – is stored or bottled immediately after pressing, just as it is. However, it must undergo a range of stringent tests to check that it is up to this very high standard.

If an oil fails these tests it is sent to a refinery. The resulting refined oil has absolutely no aroma or flavour so it is mixed with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give it a pleasant taste. The product is known as Olive Oil. Some refined Olive Oils have less of the more flavoursome oil added to it and in the case of Filippo Berio it is known as “Mild and Light” Olive Oil – this is used for frying and baking, where no discernable Olive Oil taste is required.

Some refined Olive Oils are produced, not from the oil which comes out of the milling process but from the solid residues. This residue, or pomace, contains a small amount of oil which is removed with the use of solvents. The resulting oil is then refined and flavoured in the same way as ordinary Olive Oil. This product is known as olive Pomace Oil. Filippo Berio does not pack olive Pomace Oil.