CLOSED. WIN Perfectly prepared gourmet meals from Delita!

Closed 30th Nov 2023

A perfect pairing: the indulgent, authentically Italian, food brand – Delita and the renowned excellence of Filippo Berio.
Delita was born from the idea that the UK was missing out on deliciously authentic and accessible Italian cuisine, with the desire to invite food lovers to rediscover traditional flavours, introduce them to hidden, regional gems and seasonal specialities.
We know that home-dining is important to you, so why not make it easier to create indulgent dishes in the comfort of your own home?

Delita are offering deliciously authentic dishes, crafted by renowned chefs! You can simply heat them in less than 5 minutes and stylishly plate it up with a little help from a step-by-step guide!

10 lucky winners will receive: 
1 x Sicilian caponata
1 x Bolognese lasagna
1 x Cannelloni with ricotta and pepper
1 x Slow cooked Beef cheek with celeriac puree

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Competition opens on Wednesday 25th October. T&C’s apply.

If you are not lucky enough to win this time, Delita are offering you 20% off using code FBERIO20
(Single use only. Expires November 30th 2023, minimum order £40)