WIN 1 of 3 pairs of tickets to immersive Leonardo da Vinci exhibition

Closed 2nd Dec 2019

The National Gallery is currently presenting an immersive exhibition that leads you through the mind of Leonardo da Vinci to explore his masterpiece, ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’.

The secrets of Leonardo’s masterpiece are revealed in four distinct spaces – each one inviting you to look at ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ in a new way.

Start your journey in a landscape populated by the thoughts and ideas of Leonardo as he sets about painting ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ before, at the end of your journey, coming face to face with the original masterpiece hanging on the wall of an imagined chapel.

For full details about the exhibition, click HERE.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 pairs of tickets, enter the code found in the Filippo Berio Christmas Newsletter.